Jean Libbera Wikipedia: Wife and Age

A double-bodied man from Italy with a unique physical appearance, people are looking to know about Jean Libbera Wikipedia.

Jean Libbera is recognized after his unusual physical appearance as his twin brother, Jacques Libbera was attached to his body, between the chest and the stomach.

He was named, “The Double-Bodied Man” making them parasitic twins. Although with an unusual body, he lived as a normal human working as a circus performer to showcase his unique physique.

People from all over Europe and America visit the circus to witness the unique birth of the Libbera twins. The twins traveled to different countries to showcase their bodies in circuses.

Jean Libbera Wikipedia: Age and Family

Jean Libbera although a famous person during his era, there is no proper information on his Wikipedia page. However, we have got you covered with every possible detail about Jean.

Jean was born in 1884 in Rome, Italy. He was the fourth child of the family among 13 siblings. Despite his unusual body condition, Jean lived for 52 years until he passed away in around 1936 in Italy.

Double-Bodied Man, Jean Libbera
Double-Bodied Man, Jean Libbera

His twin brother, Jacques who lived attached to Jean’s body had fully functioning nervous and circulatory systems. Only Jacques’ head was buried inside the chest of Jean’s body.

Moreover, Jean’s third sibling was born with the same physical condition but unfortunately did not survive during the birth.

However, the rest of their siblings and family members were born in normal and healthy conditions.

Interestingly, despite his unusual physical appearance, Jean was married and was blessed with four healthy children.

Jean Libbera X-Ray Photos

With the external appearance of two bodies, four legs, four arms, and one head. However, after the X-ray, Jacques’ head six inches in circumference was embedded inside Jean’s chest.

Well, despite the condition, they share the same blood circulation and nervous system which was impossible to separate.

For example, if Jacques was hurt, Jean would feel the pain and vice versa.

Jacques was totally dependent on his brother Jean for his survival.

Jean Libbera Career

Recognized as a double-bodied man has performed on several famous circuses like Barnum and Bailey and Dreamland Circus Sideshow. Although with his condition, he worked to feed his family of four children.

With his abnormality, Libbera used his unique potential to draw the attention of crowds from different corners of the world who would play money just to witness his body.

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