Jean Muggli Wikipedia: Where Ex-Wife and Daughter

Jean Muggli Wikipedia, the ex-wife of a famous American television personality, Michael Strahan already has a successful career. People are now more curious to know about his ex-wife’s personal life and career.

Michael Strahan is a popular TV personality, journalist, and former professional football player who played 15 professional years for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL) as a defensive end.

However, after he retired from professional football, Strahan became a media personality appearing as a football analyst on Fox NFL Sunday.

Similarly, this former football player was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2014. Besides that, one of his biggest achievements was to fly into space on Blue Origin NS-19’s suborbital space flight in 2021.

Well, with the fame and successful career of Strahan, people have shifted their attention to his ex-wife, Jean Muggli willing to know about her personal life.

Jean Muggli Wikipedia: Age and Family

Famous as the ex-wife of Michael Strahan, Jean Muggli doesn’t have a dedicated Wikipedia page. However, we have got you covered with every possible detail of Jean Muggli’s life.

Jean Muggli was born on November 30, 1964, in Cason, North Dakota, United States of America. As of 2023, Muggli is currently living in her late 50s i.e., 58 years of age.

She was born to Anthony Alphonse (father) who was a military soldier who served the nation. Similarly, her mother was Marry Muggli who used to be a housewife.

Muggli grew up along with her parents and five siblings. She completed her education in New York City. At an early age, Muggli worked at a wellness spa.

Jean Muggli: Marriage and Daughters

Jean Muggli and Michael Strahan were married in 1999 after they met each other at a spa where Jean used to work.

The couple was blessed with twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia who were born on December 2004.

Jean and Michael Twin Daughters
Jean and Michael Twin Daughters

Her daughter, Isabella works at the modeling agency Women 360 while Sophia currently attends Duke University.

However, the daughters have struggled after their parents’ divorce on July 20, 2006. The divorce settlement was done awarding Muggli with $15 million in January 2007 by Judge James B. Convery.

Also, the mansion they were living in was ordered to be auctioned and the sales money to split evenly. Additionally, Muggli was offered $18,000 monthly for child support.

Why was Jean Muggli Arrested?

After the divorce settlement with Michael Strahan, Muggli was involved in multiple controversies and disputes.

Jean harassed and humiliated her former friend, Marianne Ayer by handing out topless photos to people near her house.

She also threatened to kill a friend with a toy gun. After that, the authorities provided protection for Ayer against Jean Muggli.

Later on June 25, 2021, she was arrested and taken into custody with criminal contempt charges by the authorities in New York City.

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