Does Raegan Revord have a Sister? Age, Family, and Lifestyle

Young but already a star with a world-recognition as “Missy Cooper” from CBS comedy Young Sheldon, Raegan Revord. With her early fame, her fans are interested to know about her sister, family, and lifestyle.

Raegan Revord is a famous American actress who gained instant fame and recognition after her appearance as Missy Cooper in Young Sheldon.

People loved her role and appreciated the talent of this young actress. However, Revord began appearing in movies at the early age of six as Megan on Modern Family.

Besides being an actress, Raegan is a dedicated writer who wrote a book, “My Story as a Gold Nugget”.

Nonetheless, this young actress is a passionate and outspoken advocate for rescuing animals. Raegan also represents as the Junior Ambassador of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

With the rising fame of Raegan Revord, people are more keen on her sister and family.

Does Raegan Revord have a sister?Family and Siblings

Raegan Revord was born on January 3, 2008, in San Diego, California, United States. As of 2023, this actor is currently 15 years of age.

Actress, Raegan Revord
Actress, Raegan Revord

Revord was born to Ryan Phillippe (father) and Holly Revord (mother).

Raegan Revord is the only child of her parents which says that, there is no any sister of Raegan Revord.

The rumors that started from the Young Sheldon as her twin are not true in real life.

This 15-year-old actress is a single child with no siblings who grew up along with her parents and four rescue dogs.

Raegan Revord Career and Instagram

Starting her career at the age of six, Revord has already worked on multiple television series and movies.

Some of Revord’s most loved appearances are Missy Copper from the TV series Young Sheldon and Megan on Modern Family.

Furthermore, this actress was also nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Young Actress Performance in a TV series in 2018.

Talking about her Instagram, she owns an account with “raeganrevord“. She frequently uploads her pictures and videos to connect to her fans.

She has a massive 772K followers as of December 2023 which proves her popularity at this young age.

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