Angel Carter Sister Bobbie Jean Carter: Meet her Sister and Family

After the heartbroken news of Angel Carter Sister, Bobbie Jean Carter who passed away on Sunday, December 23, 2023. People are showing their love and condolences to Angel and her family.

There is nothing worse feeling than to lose someone from your family with whom you grew old.

Bobbie Jean Carter, age 41 was found dead in her California home. Similarly, Angel’s brother, a former Disney star and hitmaker, Aaron Carter drowned in his tib after huffing and taking Xanan.

Adding to that, their sister, Leslie Carter also passed away at the age of 25 in 2012 due to a drug overdose. Well, all of the late Carters were once members of the reality show, House of Carters.

Bobbie Jean was arrested six months before her death in Florida for shoplifting and possession of fentanyl.

After Bobbie’s death, Angel posted on her Instagram, “This starts with our children, and creating a healthy conversation within the home, The generational dysfunction stops now”.

Meet Angel Carter Sister: Bobby Jean Carter and Family

Bobbie Jean Carter who was born on January 12, 1982, in New York, United States died on 23 December 2023, in Florida, United States.

She died at an early age of 41 after going into cardiac arrest. However, further details on her death remain unclear.

Angel Carter Sister, Bobby Jean Carter
Angel Carter Sister, Bobby Jean Carter

She was born to Robert Gene Carter (father) and Jane Elizabeth Carter (mother).

Bobbie is one of the seven children of the Carter family with six siblings, Angel Carter, Leslie Carter, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, Taelyn Bobson, and Virginia Marie Carter.

Sadly, among seven siblings, as of today, only four are alive. Aaron Carter died at the age of 34 on November 5, 2022, and was a renowned American singer and rapper.

Similarly, her sister, Leslie Carter who was also an American singer passed away age an early age of 25 on January 31, 2012. The report mentioned that she died of a supplemental overdose.

Who was Bobbie Jean Carter? Life Before Death

Bobbie Jean Carter was a former makeup artist and a television personality who appeared on the Carter family reality TV show, “House of Carters”.

During the show, she was portrayed as a drug addict who struggles with substance abuse.

After her death, her younger sister, Angel Carter expressed her love towards her as,

“You had a great sense of humor and a lively spirit. Growing up, I was your baby, and you were my best friend.

Life wasn’t fair to you, that I know. Sometimes, if feels like you didn’t have a shot, no matter what.

Experiencing innocence instead of being burdened by trauma, pain, and suffering is incredibly important for children, particularly at such a young age.”

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