Who is Melissa Vargas Wife? Is She a Lesbian? Rumor or Truth

With the rising popularity of this Turkish volleyball player and the rumors regarding her sexuality, people are looking all over the internet for Melissa Vargas wife and whether she is a Lesbian.

Melissa Vargas a Cuban-born Turkish volleyball player currently plays for Fenerbahce Opet and the Turkey women’s national volleyball team.

As said a Cuban-born, she was also a player of the Cuba women’s national volleyball team which she played during the 2014 FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship.

Currently, from the year 2023, Vargas played for the Turkey women’s national volleyball team.

As for her rising fame in volleyball, Vargas has proven herself with multiple honors and awards to her name.

With her fame as an athlete, people are more keen to know about her personal life, marriage, and sexuality.

Who is Melissa Vargas Wife? Is She a Lesbian?

Melissa Teresa Vargas Abreu, aka, Melissa Vargas was born on 16 October, 1999, in Cienfuegos, Cuba. As of 2023, this athlete is currently living in her mid-20s i.e., 24 years of age.

Melissa holds the nationality of both Cuba and Turkey. As a volleyball player, she received a nickname, Vargas Airlines.

Volleyball Player, Melissa Vargas
Volleyball Player, Melissa Vargas

Vargas has not disclosed any information regarding her family or early life as she wants to keep her personal information to herself.

Talking about her rumor as a lesbian, Vargas has not addressed the rumor in public and also hasn’t made any statement that proves her sexuality.

The rumor might also have been spread as Melissa is often seen among her female friends and has not shared any pictures with her male friends.

Only with the rumors, don’t define anyone’s sexuality. However, Vargas has not announced her sexuality which makes the rumor only a rumor.

Moreover, rumors regarding someone’s sexuality are not a good thing as it need to be shown respect for privacy.

However, Vargas is proving herself to be a skilled volleyball player, which has gained her fans’ trust and respect.

Melissa Vargas Ex-Wife: Rumor or Truth

In addition to the rumor about her being a lesbian, another rumor in her life is her marriage to a female which connects to her rumor for being a lesbian.

However, there are no supporting proofs of her marriage and relationship with a female.

Her relationship was rumored to be with Zehra Gunes. But neither of them accepted the rumors to be true.

Well, currently, this volleyball player seems to be single and has not been involved in any relationship neither with male nor female.

Until and unless Melissa Vargas didn’t clear out herself, the rumors would only remain rumors.

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