Is Leonard Bernstein Gay?: Marriage, Sexuality, and the Legacy of His Children

One of the most important conductors of his time, Leonard Bernstein has made his life a remarkable journey in the music industry and everyone today has a question, “Is Leonard Bernstein Gay?” Let’s find out.

Although this music legend passed away on October 14, 1990, people remember him through his great contribution as a conductor, composer, pianist, music educator, author, and humanitarian.

He became the first American conductor to receive international acclaim and one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history.

Throughout his music career, Bernstein has collected seven Enny Awards, two Tony Awards, and 16 Grammy Awards. Similarly, in 1981, he received the Kennedy Center Honor.

Today people are more keen to learn about Leonard’s personal life, marriage, sexuality, and the legacy of his children.

Is Leonard Bernstein Gay? What is his Sexuality?

Leonard Bernstein had affairs with both men and women throughout his life. However, he remains to be a closeted bisexual man who married a woman and also periodically lived with a man.

Conductor, Leonard Bernstein
Conductor, Leonard Bernstein

Bernstein was a married man who lived happily with his family in New York City and Fairfield, Connecticut for several years until his wife, Felicia acknowledged Bernstein’s sexual orientation.

Felicia wrote to Leonard, “You are a homosexual and may never change, you don’t admit to the possibility of a double life, but in your peace of mind, your health, your whole nervous system depend on a certain sexual pattern what can you do?”

Well, Leonard took a huge step in 1976 leaving Felicia for a period to live with a musician, Tom Cothran in Northern California.

Sadly on June 16, 1978, Felicia died due to lung cancer. Leonard stayed with her until her death and eventually continued having relationships with men until his death on October 14, 1990.

Leonard Bernstein Marriage and Kids

Leonard Bernstein although recognized his bisexuality before marriage, he anyhow married an actress, Felicia Montealegre Cohn on September 9, 1951.

Bernstein was advised by Aaron Copland in April 1943 that he could resolve the dilemma of living as a gay man by marrying his girlfriend which he did with Felicia.

Likewise, Bernstein and Felicia also shared three children, Jamie Alexandra, and Nina. He lived in a close-knit atmosphere surrounded by extended family and friends.

However, the happiness among the couple remained only until before Felicia acknowledged the sexuality of her husband.

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